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70’s must haves for all the throwback goodness. This list is in no particular order.


A staple in 1970’s culture; you can’t talk about the 70’s without mentioning Bell Bottoms. Fitted up top loose at the bottom. When it came to this style, the frillier,wider and more extravagant the better.


The 70’s saw a great influx of headbands especially with the introduction of sports headbands. Athletes such Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe helped to popularize this trend. They were rarely seen on court without sporting this accessory. Even today, tennis players still hold on to this headband tradition. Headbands were also popular in everyday fashion. A regular choice for the Hippies and rock stars.

Flower Crowns became mainstream in the 70s with the anti-war movement.These stylish and artistic headgears soon became a symbol of free spiritedness , peace and love; A common trope of Hippy culture.


Nothing says 70’s like a groovy pair of circular sunglasses. The shape is symbolic and synonymous with the 70’s aesthetic. Many boast a wide array of colourful tints and frame sizes,it was impossible not to find one that matches your personality.


A product of hippie culture that surfaced in the late 60’s but found its way into the 70’s. The main idea of wearing these beads was to promote love and togetherness. A small and sometimes overlooked accessory but there’s no denying their appeal. Especially when layered with one another; love beads are versatile items that found its way into many closets.


This is another fashion trend that gained popularity in the 60s. However, the 70’s brought this popularity to new heights. No longer were floppy hats reserved for the Hippies of the 60’s; they were now being accepted and worn by celebrities. Argurably, actresses such as Faya Dunaway and Bridget Bardot are said to be pioneers of the floppy hat resurgence. This accessory was woven into their personal style. Luckily enough, with influence comes imitation and once these women started wearing them others would surely follow.


Disco dance floors were flooded with these. An iconic statement piece for both males and females. Customization options were endless with platform shoes; some people would go as far as adding aquariums to the wedges of their shoe to show off their expansive style. Being short became a thing of the past.


Probably the most functional item on this list. Scarves were everywhere in the 70’s.This era introduced us to more eccentric patterns and designs, these design choices were being implemented on scarves. However, the 70’s brought a great change in how scarves were worn. Scarfs were no longer reserved for necks.They were being worn as belts, headbands and some were even used to cover the entire head, only leaving the face exposed. It was common for Rock Stars to tie scarves around their legs; This was a common practice for artists like Jimi Hendrix.


The ring that catered to your feelings. Mood rings were a product of the “me era” a term popularly used to describe the 70’s. The ring would change color depending on the wearer’s mood. In actuality the rings responded to a change in the wearer’s body temperature. Each color change represents a feeling. Blue may represent calmness and tranquility while colors like amber would represent uncertainty or nervousness. Even if you didn’t believe in their abilities there’s no denying that mood rings were extremely stylish, especially if you were an avid ring wearer.


Feather boas is an accessory that dominated the disco scene. They embodied the flamboyant and eccentric nature of the 70’s. The feather boas was also a symbol for high social standings. A popular choice for artists such as Donna Summer; adding a feather boas is a great way to glamorize, feature texture and accentuate your outfits. Men were not left out of this trend; they also wore them. If peacocking was an accessory, this would definitely be it!


Yes, facial hair was an essential accessory in the 70’s. Gone were the clean shaven faces and 5 o’clock shadows that dominated the 50’s and 60’s. Men were ready to embrace and experiment with facial hair. The sideburn was a popular choice. Nothing like a bushy sideburn to symbolize your machismo. The popularity became more apparent in the media. Celebrities and musicians alike opted for this look. The conservatives were livid but those who wore them felt confident and the ladies loved it.
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