What Di RAAS?

The Raas Collective is a production house comprised of young artists whose

intentions are to push boundaries in media production… Basically, we do really

cool stuff.

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About Us

The RAAS Collective is a production house of young artists whose intentions are to push boundaries in media production.

We hope to stimulate and inspire our audience with visual set pieces that have a distinct flair.

The RAAS Collective not only wishes to entertain but also educate its audience; Shedding light on culture and hopefully reducing its barriers.


TR Collective is a production studio that works at the intersection of storytelling, and youth culture. We’re motivated by the conviction that culture necessitates risk, that relevance is earned by hard work, and that a great story has no borders.

Who We've Worked With

Featured Projects

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Zac Jone$
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Hector Roots Lewis
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Same So

Our Team


Jordan Mars - Artist Bio

Hey, Im Jordan Morris but you may know me as Jordan Mars. I am a photographer, cinematographer and creative director/director from Kingston Jamaica. I am also the founder of The RAAS Collective, a multimedia production company that focuses on collaboration among creative communities across the Caribbean then the world at large.

In those years of figuring it out ( and trust me I still am) I combined all these new skills which unknowingly cultivated itself into creative direction for many of my later editorial fashion photography work. I even created my own collection of zines known as JRDN44 (2017 – 2018) which ran for 2 issues. Most notably Issue 2 : Miami Vice garnered a massive fan base especially since it paid homage to 90’s hip – hop culture.

JRDN44 laid the foundation for the introduction of The RAAS Collective. We launched in 2020 with a rebranded zine called “The RAAS Mag.” The debut Issue Cycle 70s was another time capsule issue that paid homage to 1970’s culture specifically early reggae culture and psychedelic rock culture. Around that same time I received an opportunity to direct a music video for reggae icon Protoje for his song “Same So” the first single to be released on his 5th studio album “In Search of Lost Time.” Directing Same So opened my eyes and made me realize how over the years I’ve been preparing myself for these same opportunities.


Jodian Leonie - Artist Bio

I am girl from rural St. Mary, from a nuclear family. Hello, I’m Jodian Gordon or Jodian Leonie (on my socials). I am an Art Director, Production/Set Designer and photographer. I started my journey very young. I use to draw funny little caricatures of people in church when i got bored, before i knew it i was in college studying to become a photographer at the Edna Manley College

of the Visual and Performing Arts. I did my final year show in 2018 and it got attention by the Smile Jamaica and some Art Critics. Even though I did not officially graduate, I stayed in Kingston and continued to work on my craft.

In 2019 I quit my corporate job with no idea how I was going to survive but I knew I wouldn’t be happy without making art. I got to network with a few like minded people and before I knew it, I untapped a talent I didn’t know I had before. I got deeply interested in set design and decor and by 2020 I got my first major opportunity to assist with art direction and set for Protoje’s Music Video, ‘Same So.” After that I have worked on other major projects as lead and as an assistant and collaborator. I have done set design for content creators, major Jamaican brands, reggae and dancehall artists, Photographers, Events etc.

I am a permanent fixture in The RAAS Collective as their Art Director. This venture also taught me how to produce and organize small to medium productions. We do independent content and most of this is financed out of our own pockets. The work I do with RAAS and with other entities has been the most fulfilling in my life so far.

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