TOP 10 1970’s Accessories PT 2

According to JodianLeonie

You thought we were done? Heres another top 10 with more throwback goodness

Mini Skirts/Dresses

These way above the knee skirts and dresses made their debut in the 60s but when the 70s rolled around they became all the rage. Minis were described as “easy, simple youthful clothes.” Women wanted their dresses shorter as they became more outspoken, opinionated and sporty.


Men and women of this time wore some of the grooviest jumpsuits.Artists like the legendary David Bowie and Cher lead the jumpsuit wave. There were sportswear styles for the daytime and leather or embellished designs for the night.

Punk Safety Pins

Punk rock became immensely popular in the late 1970’s and sparked the fashion subgenre of punk style. Safety pins became a part of the iconic anarchy commonly associated with the punk aesthetic.The punk aesthetic was rebellious. Punk Rockers would adorn distressed denim and leather ensembles with the outrageous fashion. Designer Vivienne Westwood was responsible for this new aesthetic.

Colourful Tights (Stockings)

Designer Mary Quant introduced the bold, colourful, textured and detailed stockings.These would pair perfectly with mini dresses and skirts. The stocking added a playful and charismatic element to 70s outfit.

Pastel Eyeshadows

Beauties such as Diana Ross and Donna Summer sported eyeshadow colours like blues,greens and purples. However because of the consistency in the make up it would give a matte (chalky) or iridescent (shimmery) look known in the 70s as “frost” shades. These eye looks would go great with many outfits of this era especially on the disco or glam scene.

Gigantic Hoop Earrings

This face framing accessory is bold and eye catching and if you had an Afro or the Farrah Fawcett hairstyle you were definitely a part of the IT girl club. The bigger the better and extra points if they were gold.

Hot Pants

Often made from luxurious fabrics these extremely short shorts were all the buzz. Perfect for beach wear and leisure.Apart from just being an article of clothing, hot pants were also a part of a movement of women who wanted to break the social norms and embrace all their curves and show some skin.

Oversized Tinted Glasses

If you wanted small lenses in the 1970’s you should basically forget about it.These crazy and extravagant pieces were made to engulf your entire face. Packed with flair and charm your outfit wouldn’t be complete without one.


In the 70’s Men and women of African decent started to really embrace their afrocentric features in rebellion of the Eurocentric standards of beauty. After activists like Angela Davis and Stokely Carmichael wore their Afros as a radical statement on television, it became a widely accepted style within the community.

Go-go Boots

Whether you were a hippie,a Motown diva,or a space-age chick, these cute but edgy calf- high boots were well known in the 1970’s. These usually white, leather or glossy vinyl footwear were often paired with a short hemline and were sometimes seen as provocative or high fashion. Their versatility is unmatched.

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