The RAAS Show : Zac Jone$

The folks over at The RAAS Collective have made their triumphant return after a year long hiatus. Luckily, with their return they have brought us a new IP called “The RAAS Show!”

The RAAS Show is an audio/visual series where The RAAS Collective features guest artists and DJ’s performing some of their favorite music either from the artist’s own discography, song covers or special RAAS Show freestyles. This is all complimented by illustrious set design courtesy of The RAAS Collective’s art director Jodian Leonie. Stay tuned to see all the creations she came up with for this season.

The season opens with $tony Official’s very own ZAC JONE$ at his backyard summer Barbeque straight out of the Y2K Era. The Man A Yard blesses us with a RAAS Show exclusive freestyle entitled “So $tony.” The freestyle is laid against the iconic and timeless instrumental version of Snoop Dogg and Pharrell’s 2002 romantic gangsta ballad “Beautiful ” If you aren’t familiar with this song please give it a listen and watch the music video.

In similar fashion to the original Zac delivers a sweet serenade of a freestyle for the ladies. He effortlessly cruises and bruises through the instrumental with the confidence and charisma that we have come to expect from him. During his thuggish serenade he finds the time to remind us of his “Oh So $tony” status and encourages us to drink Bottega like it’s our birthday. Bottega isn’t the only brand that gets featured as throughout the performance we see glimpses of OHJA branded cannabis products which is ZAC’s brand of choice. Also, how could we forget SEORA plastered boldly across his jersey with the $tony Official insignia to match. All courtesy of ZAC’s personal stylist Shampagnex who crafted and styled his entire ensemble to coincide with the running Y2K theme of Zac’s episode.

The performance takes a tonal shift as we transition into the artist’s latest single entitled “Lonely” produced by Iotosh. The energetic and charismatic bravado from “So $tony” is quickly replaced by a somber, introspective and emotionally torn ZAC who finds himself at the crossroads of a rocky relationship. However, throughout all the hardship he believes that there is hope for the best. Zac croons his way through the final track while bearing all his worries for us to see. A fitting end to the performance and a proper way to conclude his Barbeque.

The episode was directed and produced by The RAAS Collective’s Jordan Mars with camera work provided by DP and longtime collaborator Usheen “Sheen Banks” Ewbanks.

Jodian Leonie was also assisted by Maria Hetey with creating the immersive and visually stunning set design for the fictional barbeque.

This marvelous spectacle is the first of many episodes from “The RAAS Show”

The RAAS Show can be found on the The RAAS Collective official Youtube page and their website. See official show credits below.

Director/Creative Direction: Jordan Mars @jrdnmars
Art Direction: Jodian Leonie @jodianleonie
Director of Photography: Usheen “Sheen Banks” Ewbanks @usheenewbanks
Set Design: Jodian Leonie, Maria Hetey @mhetey
Styling x Wardrobe: Shampagnex @shampagnex

Producer/Production Coordinator: Jordan Mars
Production Assistant: Maria Hetey

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